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How to stay calm

Ponder your Path

To ponder is to think carefully about something. Weigh your decisions, words, actions, and measure it by God’s Word. Measure the results; evaluate how much you have reaped to what you have sown. Adjust your measurements. Let you scales be in balance. Proverbs 4:26  Ponder …


Speak With Your Heart

Speak to your own your heart, consider your ways, and search your heart. Do it when you are alone, with no interruptions, and then be still. Keep your spirit calm and quiet so that you can hear your heart ministering to you about your day, …

Find peace with God

Return to Him

When you decide to go back to Him, away from your ways and to choose to rest in Him, quietness and confidence, we will find strength. There is strength in calmness, in rest, in peace and in quiet. The more tumultuous the heart is, the …